Educational Websites

Review concepts and practice math skills already passed in class.  Enter maxwellschool and your student id.

DiscoveryEducationDiscovery Education  Log in for videos, encyclopedia, articles, games and more!

Typing Club
Education – Learn Typing Skills – Typing Club
Master touch typing using this free game / training program.



AccelleratedReaderAccelerated Reader
This link can only be used during school hours.
Learn about and practice writing code to create computer games and software.   Log in using your Google id and password.

AnaheimPublicLibraryAnaheim Public Library If you have an Anaheim Public Library card, you can use the online databases to find reliable information.

BrainPopJrBrain Pop Jr.
Use this site to watch short videos.
This site is available during school hours only.  Login is “maxwellschool” password is “maxwell”.


ARBookFinderAR Book Finder
Check the levels of your books and find out how many points your books are worth.

LearnZillionLearn Zillion
View lessons for Common Core Math and Language Arts as well as complete assigned tasks.

Accelerated Reader Home Connect
Sign into AR to see your progress. Parents can log in also to see how your reading is progressing.

Star FallStar Fall
Make fun calendars, do activities with reading and math.

ScienceMonster Science Monster
Great resource for science.  A lot of information about the planets.

GoodNightStoriesGood Night Stories
This site has fun stories to read,
to have someone read to you and to finish.
There are games as well.


DiscoveryKidsDiscovery Kids
This is the Discovery channel for kids.
There are great resources and games.


FunBrainFun Brain
This site has many games and resources. The language arts tab is leveled by grade.

PBS Kids